Here's a list of new scenarios you can use in your wargames. Note that nearly any of these can be converted for other systems with a little work.

Advance and Secure: Take the center objective and mount an offensive.
Ambuscade: A clever trap has set an army up for ambush!
Anarchy: Commanders struggle for supremecy in a confusing situation.
The Battle Below: War erupts undergound in a large cave.
The Cannons Ring: The battlefield is rife with cannonfire from both sides!
Exhausted Supplies: Can you win the day without basic necessities?
Eye of the Storm: A maelstrom encircles the battlefield, claiming its own victims.
Get the Grimoire: A tome sits in the center of the field. Which side will claim it?
Hide and Seek: Can you locate and rescue the informant?
Plate Shift: The battlefield itself is geologically unstable!
Requisitioned: Your forces are called to fight on another front amidst a current battle.
Sabotage: 3 objectives are fought over to determine the victor.
Secure and Control: Destroy the enemy and seize their encampment.