Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iron Painter 5: Final Results

Shawn heads off with Jake, Drew, and Roy to play a game of WarmaHordes, leaving Jesse and Damon to finish up. Jesse completes Gorman and Damon decides to finish the multijack another day... there's a battle going on and we want to see it! Anyway, here's the last of the pictures for Iron Painter 5. Thanks again to Tinman_XL for inspiring us to join in the painting challenge!


Iron Painter 5: Shawn Finishes First

Shawn completes the Blighted Nyss Archer in about two hours, and it looks pretty nice! Damon gets some gold on the multijack and Jesse gets most of Gorman's colors down.


Iron Painter 5: After the First Hour

Jesse gets Gorman's suit painted green and begins working on the cloak and hat. Shawn gets a good deal done on the Blighted Nyss Archer - looks like he'll be finishing early! Damon makes some progress on his multijack, adding some brown as a basecoat for gold.


Iron Painter 5: It Begins!

There were three of us painting this time around. Jesse chose Gorman Di Wulfe, Shawn chose a Blighted Nyss Archer unit leader (converted), and Damon chose his heavy multijack.  

Iron Painter 5: Adventuring Heroes

As per the link, Tinman_XL is hosting another Iron Painter at his LGS. We'll be painting here as well then posting the results for the online community.