Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scenario - Sabotage

Sabotage scenario mapThis Warmachine/Hordes scenario features an attacker and defender vying over three objectives. Can the defender hold out long enough, or will the attacker destroy the objectives?
Player 1 is the defender and player 2 is the attacker.

Deployment zones are 10 inches from your table edge, known usually as "standard" deployment. During deployment, the defender places three objective markers within 4 inches from the center line of the table. The defender may also deploy one warjack, warbeast, solo, or unit within 3 inches of any objective.

Special Rules:
  • Each objective marker has the following stats: Def 5, Arm 15, and 10 health.
  • Objective markers are not alive and give no soul or corpse tokens upon defeat.
Ending the Game:
The game ends when either warcaster/warlock is defeated, or the attacker destroys all three objective markers (the attacker wins), or the game goes for six turns (the defender wins).

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