Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenario - Ambuscade

Your army has located a small scout force and has prepared an ambush for them. However, this force was merely bait by your opponent to setup a counter-ambush!

Roll off to determine the attacker and the defender. Note that this is NOT the starting roll of the game.

The attacker deploys any number of non-battlegroup solos and units equalling at least 4 points but no more than half of the total army points within a 12" circle centered on the center of the table.

The defender then deploys their force at least 12" from any of the attacker's models currently on the table and at least 6" from any table edge.

The attacker then deploys their remaining force up to 6" from all table edges.

Special Rules:
  • Models/units may not use an ability to move or deploy out of their designated deployment zones, such as Advance Deployment or Advance Move.
  • After all models have been deployed, make a starting roll to determine who takes the first turn.
Ending the Game:
Warcaster/warlock assassination.

Check out a great set of tweaks for this scenario over at Calamity Research Labs (aka Marth & the Machines)!

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