Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenario - Plate Shift

Plate Shift scenario mapThe battlefield itself is geologically unstable, ranging from tremors to gouts of magma!

Setup & Deployment:
Standard 10" deployment, unless of course you and your opponent want to agree on something different (say radial deployment, for example).
 Special Rules:
  • After deployment but before the first turn of the game, roll 1D3+1. This is the number of hot spots on the battlefield.
  • For each hot spot, roll 1D3+1. Roll that many D6 and determine a random direction from the center of the table. Place a marker at the distance and direction indicated.
  • At the end of each round, roll 2d6 for each hot spot.
    • On any result of a double, the ground around that hot spot shakes. The total of the doubles rolled determines the tremor's radius from the hot spot. Movement in this area counts as difficult terrain for one round.
    • On a result of 2 (snake eyes), the ground splits open and corrosive gas spews out with great force. Place a 5" Area of Effect centered over the hotspot. Models in the AoE suffer a POW 6 corrosion damage roll. The AoE is a cloud effect that lasts for one round, and any models entering or ending their activation in it suffer 1 point of corrosion damage.
    • On a result of a 12 (boxcars), a magma fissure erupts. Place a 5" Area of Effect centered over the hot spot. Models in the AoE take a POW 14 fire damage roll.
Ending the Game:
Warcaster/warlock assassination (or use this scenario in conjunction with another scenario).


  1. That looks worth a try, seriously.

  2. I know I've posted this already, but I'll put it in here as well.

    Since hot spots weren't much of a factor that game. How about having only the one's with activity near them roll to see if something happens? That way the ones that have no chance of having an effect on the game are ignored.

    Say, any hot spot without a model within 12" of it remains inactive for that round.

    Also, there is no difficult terrain in WarmaHordes, but most people will know that you meant rough terrain.