Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenario - Secure and Control

You have been ordered to destroy the enemy and seize their encampment.

Divide the table into equal quarters.

The starting players chooses a table corner to deploy from using a radial deployment of 20" and deploys their forces. The opposing player then deploys in the opposite corner.

Special Rules:
  • Starting with the end of the 3rd round and each round thereafter, players score points for each table quarter they control.
  • To control a table quarter you must have model(s) in that quarter with no opposing model(s) in that quarter. Inert warjacks and warriors with a CMD of 1 cannot control or oppose table quarters. For a unit to control a table quarter, they must be wholly within that quarter.
  • Your deployment quarter and the quarters adjacent to it are each worth 1 point. Your opponent's deployment quarter is worth 2 points.
Ending the Game:
Warcaster/warlock assassination, or the first player to gain 7 points.

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