Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenario - Anarchy

Your forces are already fighting amidst the opposing army, as commanders struggle to gain supremecy and take advantage of the confusion.

Divide the table into 12" x 12" squares.

Beginning with the starting player, each players deploys one unit, solo, warjack or warbeast in a random square. The model(s) may be deplyed anywhere within this square.

If you deploy to the same square as an opposing model/unit, you may choose to place your model(s) in melee range. These models will begin the game engaged.

Players keep randomly placing units, solos, warjacks an warbeasts ini turn until all models except warcasters and warlocks have been placed.

Beginning with the starting player, each player chooses a square to deploy their warcaster/warlock. A player cannot deploy a warcaster ot warlock to a square already containing a warcaster or warlock.

Special Rules:

Ending the Game:
Warcaster/warlock assassination.

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