Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenario - Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek scenario mapAn informant has secrets vital to you and your enemy. Can you locate them and bring them to safety before the opponent?

Players take turns placing 1D3+2 objective markers on the table. Each objective marker must be placed at least 16" from a deployment table edge and 8" from each other.

Standard 10" deployment, unless agreed to differently by players.

Special Rules:
  • Once a model touches an objective marker, roll a 1D6. On a result of 6, the informant is found. Replace the objective marker with the informant and remove all other objective markers. On any other result, remove the objective marker touched. If only one objective marker remains, replace it with the informant once a model touches it.
  • The informant is treated as a solo with the the following stats and abilities: SPD 5, MAT 4, RAT 4, STR 3, DEF 14, ARM 12, CMD 7, 5 DMG, Sword POW 4 (P+S 7), small base, Prowl (Stealth while in concealment or woods/forest) and cannot run. The informant may activate the turn it was located.
  • The player to locate the informant now has the task of escorting him or her back to safety. The locating player treats the informant as a friendly model. The other player treats the informant as an enemy model.
Ending the Game:
Warcaster/warlock assassination, or the locating player gets the informant to their deployment table edge, or the other player kills the informant.

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