Friday, April 15, 2011

Scenario - Requisitioned

While engaged with the enemy, you are called to send some of your own forces to fight on another front.

This scenario works best in larger point games and is not recommended for games under 25 points.

Setup & Deployment:
Standard, unless agreed to differently by players.

Special Rules:
  • At the beginning of the starting player's 3rd turn and every turn thereafter, the current player rolls 1D6 for each solo, unit, warbeast and warjack over 12" away from an enemy model. On a result of 1, that model/unit is removed from play as they have been requisitioned to participate in a different battle. Models removed in this way do not provide soul or corpse tokens, nor can fury be reaved from warbeasts removed in this manner.
Ending the Game:
Warcaster/warlock assassination.

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