Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scenario - Get the Grimoire

Get the Grimoire Scenario map
This Warmachine/Hordes scenario features a mystical tome either revered or reviled by your faction - you must get it at all costs and bring it back!

Place an objective marker in the center of the battlefield. This is the grimoire you are attempting to take.

Each force can deploy up to 10 inches from their table edge. This is often referred to as "standard deployment".

Special Rules:
  • Only warcasters, warlocks, or solos with the Magic Ability may attempt to pick up the grimoire.
  • To pick up the grimoire, the model must be in base contact with the objective marker.
  • Any model in base contact with the objective marker cannot be targeted by ranged attacks.
  • Picking up the grimoire does not take any actions.
  • Once the grimoire is picked up, remove the objective marker.
  • If a model carrying the grimoire leaves the battlefield, place the objective marker where the model was located at.
Ending the Game:
The game ends when either one player has carried the grimoire back to their deployment table edge, or only one player has any models left that are capable of picking up the grimoire.

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