Saturday, February 19, 2011

Iron Painter 4: Complete!

Iron Painter 4: Ghordson Driller

Iron Painter 4: Wroughthammer Rockram

Iron Painter 4: Cankerworm
And here's the completed jacks - Ghordson Driller, Wroughthammer Rockram, and Cankerworm!

Iron Painter 4: The Final Stretch

Iron Painter 4: 4 hours in
The Searforge jack's weapons are started, and the Cankerworm is done except for a final touch on the base.

Iron Painter 4: Snow with a Good Chance of Death

Iron Painter 4: 3 hours 30 minutes in
Shawn adds the head and chest to the model and puts snow on the base, and Jesse finishes up the metallics and washes. Shawn has only the weapons left to do, and Jesse is almost done as well!

Iron Painter 4: Face Off

Iron Painter 4: 3 hours in
Shawn works on some details of the Searforge Jack's body, and Jesse completes the bronzework parts on the Cankerworm.

Iron Painter 4: Down and Dirty

Iron Painter 4: 2 hours 30 mins in
The Searforge jack gets some more battle damage and grime, while the Cankerworm gets a rusty look.

Iron Painter 4: No Subtitle!

Iron Painter 4: 2 hours in
Shawn gave his jack a wash on the green and metallics, while Jesse highlighted the Cankerworm and gave it a blue wash to darken it up.

Iron Painter 4: Jealousy!

Iron Painter 4: 1 hour, 30 minutes in
The Cankerworm gets a blue drybrush effect and some gold highlights to the base. I know it looks almost Cygnarian at the moment, but bear with me! The frontplate of the Searforge jack gets some battle damage, presumably the cankerworm is jealous of the sweet paintjob!

Iron Painter 4: Gears and Hammers

Iron Painter 4: 1 hour in
Shawn continues on the chestplate, adding a checker pattern and Searforge Commission logo, while Jesse base coats the Cankerworm a deep blue and works on the base some more.

Iron Painter 4: I Found a Skull!

Iron Painter 4: 30 minutes in
Shawn is working on the chestplate and body of his warjack, and Jesse has started on the base's scrapwork. While painting Jesse found a skull hidden amongst the debris!

Iron Painter 4: It Begins!

Iron Painter 4: Our Entries
Our entries for Iron Painter 4: Shawn has a magnetized Wroughthammer Rockram/Ghordson Driller and Jesse has a Cankerworm. Both are primed and ready to go!

Iron Painter 4: Revenge of the Robots

First, an apology to our readers for the lapse in updates. Some technical issues kept us from posting new pictures, but we are back on track!

We're joining Tinman XL (host of SteampoweredTV and contributor of DiceRage) in the Iron Painter competition. We can't make it to Bakersfield to be there in person, but we're definitely going to paint and display our works here!

We're kicking off hopefully in about 2 hours, with regular updates as we progress. Stay tuned!