Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Borborygmos EDH Deck "History of Beatdown"

BorborygmosThis deck features Borborygmos as its commander, but really any red/green legendary creature could suffice. It's not so much about the commander as it is the rest of the deck here.

This is what I call a "history" deck because not only is it Highlander format, but it also contains only one card from every set up through the Zendikar block. The original version of the deck was only 60 cards and stopped at the oldschool card format, thus I called it a "history" deck.

Not only will I display the deck, but also the set each card is from. Building a history deck is very challenging as you must pick one card from each set that fits your deck theme... then you have to go collect any cards you're missing which can be a task for those older sets!
On to the list!

Commander: Borboygmos

Lands (35)
  • 9x Forest
  • 9x Mountain
  • Gemstone Mine
  • Ghitu Encampment
  • Gruul Turf
  • Highland Weald
  • Kazandu Refuge
  • Keldon Megaliths
  • Mogg Hollows
  • Mossfire Valley
  • Mountain Valley
  • Sapseep Forest
  • Shivan Oasis
  • Skarrg, the Rage Pits
  • Smoldering Spires
  • Teetering Peaks
  • Terramorphic Expanse
  • Treetop Village
  • Turntimber Grove
As you can see, the deck is a little thin on lands. I only play this deck for fun, so I'm not worried much about the landbase.

Creatures (35)
  • Adamaro, First to Desire (Saviors of Kamigawa)
  • Awakener Druid (Magic 2010)
  • Balduvian Horde (Sixth Edition)
  • Ball Lightninig (The Dark)
  • Blastoderm (Nemesis)
  • Bloodfire Dwarf (Apocalypse)
  • Beacon Behemoth (Conflux)
  • Emberwilde Augur (Future Sight)
  • Eron the Relentless (Homelands)
  • Fire Dragon (Portal)
  • Gurzigost (Torment)
  • Erhnam Djinn (Judgment)
  • Gigapede (Onslaught)
  • Groundbreaker (Planar Chaos)
  • Hunted Wumpus (Mercadian Masques)
  • Inner-Flame Acolyte (Lorwyn)
  • Kamahl, Pit Fighter (Odyssey)
  • Kavu Titan (Invasion)
  • Kird Ape (Arabian Nights)
  • Raging Goblin (Exodus)
  • Rockshard Elemental (Legions)
  • Ronin Houndmaster (Champions of Kamigawa)
  • Sakura-Tribe Springcaller (Betrayers of Kamigawa)
  • Skitter of Lizards (Worldwake)
  • Spark Elemental (Fifth Dawn)
  • Suq'Ata Lancer (Visions)
  • Tattermunge Witch (Shadowmoor)
  • Taurean Mauler (Morningtide)
  • Troll Ascetic (Mirrodin)
  • Valley Rannet (Alara Reborn)
  • Viashino Sandstalker (Ninth Edition)
  • Wickerbough Elder (Eventide)
  • Wild Cantor (Guildpact)
  • Wilderness Elemental (Coldsnap)
  • Yavimaya Ants (Alliances)
Lots of creatures in this deck, and most of them are there to smash face.

Spells (20)
  • Carbonize (Scourge)
  • Chain Lightning (Legends)
  • Crumble (Antiquities)
  • Disintegrate (Fifth Edition)
  • Fireball (Unlimited)
  • Fissure (Fourth Edition)
  • Flameshot (Prophecy)
  • Hull Breach (Planeshift)
  • Hypergenesis (Time Spiral)
  • Incinerate (Mirage)
  • inferno (Eighth Edition)
  • Kindle the Carnage (Dissention)
  • Lighting Bolt (Revised)
  • Outmaneuver (Urza's Saga)
  • Pyroclasm (Ice Age)
  • Rampant Growth (Tenth Edition)
  • Savage Beating (Darksteel)
  • Shatter (Beta)
  • Staggershock (Rise of the Eldrazi)
  • Tranquility (Seventh Edition)
The spells are mainly used as removal cards, taking out anything that's getting in my creatures' way.

Other Permanents (9)
  • Cyclone (Chronicles)
  • Eladamri's Vineyard (Tempest)
  • Electropotence (Zendikar)
  • Fervor (Weatherlight)
  • Mark of Fury (Urza's Destiny)
  • Moldervine Cloak (Ravnica)
  • Night Soil (Forgotten Empires)
  • Primal Rage (Stronghold)
  • Rancor (Urza's Legacy)
There's a little removal here, but mostly these are enchantments used to buff the creatures. Notice that all of the auras have a way to come back, so they aren't wasted if the enchanted creature dies.

Overall this is a fun deck to play, though I really should work more on my manabase. Again, I highly suggest challenging yourself by making a history deck, it's fun to show off to your friends and fellow gamers.

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