Friday, December 10, 2010

A Deck Based On: Seismic Assault

Seismic Assault
While a decent card on its own, Seismic Assault lends itself to making a deck around. Discarding a land to basically Shock something? Not a bad tradeoff, as long as you have the lands to spare.

Now how are we going to go about getting a ton of lands into our hand? By going green, of course! We're also splashing in a touch of white for some classic cards that deal with lands.

This is the kind of deck that simply enjoys mana clumps, so it's a win-win no matter what you draw.

Let the assault begin!

Lands (22)
  • 10x Forest
  • 7x Mountain
  • 5x Plains
As with many of my decks, I'm going with basic lands. If you have better, by all means use them.

Creatures (6)
  • 2x Nantuko Cultivator
  • 4x Tinder Wall
Yes, this is a mainly creatureless deck. The Cultivator gives you something else to use a handful of lands on if you don't have Seismic Assault yet and allows you to draw cards. Tinder Wall is a cheap blocker that will let you get Seismic Assault into play very quickly.

Spells (23)
  • 1x Balance
  • 3x Constant Mists
  • 1x Devastating Dreams
  • 2x Disenchant
  • 1x Enlightened Tutor
  • 4x Gaea's Blessing
  • 3x Life from the Loam
  • 1x Hush
  • 4x Mulch
  • 1x Regrowth
  • 2x Savage Twister
Here's where the action is! Mulch is going to rifle through the deck picking up lands. Once you discard your lands to Seismic Assault, Life from the Loam gets them back for you. There's some removal here as well as a great creature-stopper: Constant Mists. Nothing like a fog with buyback, and once you have a few lands on the table you can easily afford to toss the rest!

Other Permanents (9)
  • 1x Feldon's Cane
  • 2x Land Tax
  • 1x Library of Leng
  • 3x Seismic Assault
  • 1x Sylvan Library
  • 1x Zuran Orb
Land Tax has to be one of the most powerful land-grabbing cards of all time, and with you sacrificing lands to Constant Mists and Zuran Orb, you'll easily have less lands in play than your opponent.

The strategy of the deck is to wait it out until you can get a Seismic Assault into play, then bombard the opponent into submission with a barrage of discarded lands. Don't fret if you have to use the lands as removal for early-game creatures, do it and wait for your Constant Mists to appear. If the opponent is snagging you with direct damage, try laying as many lands as possible and saccing them to the Zuran Orb. You will get them back. Finally, don't forget about the interaction between Mulch and Gaea's Blessing - if the Blessing gets milled, you get to reshuffle your graveyard into your library.

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