Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scenario Tweaks

We've made some changes to the scenarios currently posted on the site. For the most part, it involved increasing the radial deployment size and correcting some typos. We could use some comments on the Ambuscade scenario as it needs some deployment tweaks.

Anyway, check out the Scenarios Page for the changes - more scenarios will be on the way soon!


  1. I think I already settled on what I'd tweak, but I won't say anything before testing it, and that'll have to wait until the weekend.

    Other scenarios I'm going to try are Anarchy (I liked the old "Crossing Paths" or what it was called from Prime) and Plate shift. That one's just cool.

  2. So, ah, we did it. I've posted it (that is, the tweaked version I'll adapt as my standard) over at my Calamity Research Labs blog. Too bad we had to postpone the game. We'll continue testing it, though.