Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buhallin's Army Transport Planner

I've sold my Necrons on eBay and made out well enough that I thought it might be time to upgrade my army transport a bit. I have the Sabol Designs Army Transport bag (Mark I), but I've been stuck with having to use 1" trays for my Warmachine minis. As you probably already know, Warmachine models don't fit very well in 1" trays, making things quite a hassle.

So, I went about looking into my options for new trays. Being a Cryx player, I'm both blessed and cursed with having Terminus and the Deathjack. While both of these models were great fun to paint and play, they are problematic in terms of storage.

Those of us without the finances to afford Battlefoam have to make due with what we can, which typically means "pick and pluck" foam trays. Pre-cut trays are always more sturdy, but you'll not find this option available in anything but the 2" thick tray, let alone finding anything "pre-cut" that will hold the likes of Big T and DJ. What it meant was I had to carefully choose how to do things, and do it right the first time (unless I want to pay for even more trays!)

With that in mind, I want to make sure everyone knows that there is a program out there that can help you tremendously with maximizing your "pick and pluck" foam trays. It's called Buhallin's Army Transport Planner, and can be found here: http://keallen.dyndns.org/warmachine/TransportPlanner.html

Using this program, you can pre-fit models onto the grid long before having to pull out any foam. With it, I was able to move around the pieces until I had the perfect setup for my trays! Oh, and by the way the program is free, and runs on Java so it will work on Windows or Mac!

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  1. Just a quick tip on pick and pluck, if you're making your own inserts by hand and have atypically shaped pieces, always err on the side of removing too little foam. It'll compress and hold pieces in place snugly, while removing too much gives room to shake and wobble around during transport.